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Research Program

Eternea’s goal for its research program is to establish a new paradigm for science in the future, one based on a holistic, interconnected and integrated view of reality. Inasmuch as research sponsored by Eternea follows the rigors of the conventional scientific method, it is believed that resultant findings will lead to fundamental shifts in current thinking that could well influence the dominant world view.

Eternea makes grant awards to prominent scientists and researchers (MDs and PhDs) affiliated with some of the most prestigious medical centers and academic institutions throughout the world. These researchers will implement Eternea's research projects all promulgated by its peer reviewed Frontier Science Forum focused on STEs and non-local consciousness.

All research projects are monitored by Eternea's management team. Monthly status reports will be prepared by the principal investigator for each team and forwarded to Eternea. Quarterly informal project reviews are held with the principal investigators. On a semi annual basis major project reviews are held with all key project team members. These reviews are published and distributed to various internal and external team members designated by Eternea.

Research Areas

A few examples of Eternea’s research projects include the following major objectives and are defined in more detail below:

1.   To develop and explain a new mechanism of evolution and interactions within and between living systems outside of those currently understood by modern biological science. One example of the outgrowth of this work would be to develop alternative healing models to maintain a state of health and prevent illness outside of the current paradigm of treating disease after health of the individual has deteriorated. 

2.   To understand the interconnectedness of our environment and ourselves as an inseparable whole, leading to new approaches to understanding consciousness, behavioral models and belief systems about the nature of reality and our relationship to it.

3.   To promote a new understanding of the survival mechanisms of consciousness beyond death.

4.   To address the consumption ethic and materialism in order to provide new insights toward use of renewable resources, reuse of nonrenewable resources, and equitable distribution of both of these to help sustain our technological society.

5.   To facilitate the adoption and development of new scientific principles and ideas for further research on new scientific paradigms and scientific breakthroughs and eventually new quantum based technologies.

Eternea sponsors rigorous scientific research concerning spiritually transformative experiences, as well as the nature of consciousness and the interactive relationship between consciousness, matter and energy. It conducts direct research and also provides grants to fund the work of top caliber scientists, with and without institutional affiliations. Research priorities and protocols are promulgated by Eternea’s Frontier Science Forum, which operates under peer-review guidelines. This activity provides the empirical foundation for Eternea’s Inferential Conclusions concerning the ultimate nature of objective reality, meaning its seven cornerstone principles. All such research efforts are protocol-driven and peer-reviewed, intended for scholarly publication in refereed journals, focused on spiritually transformative experiences of all kinds, and exploration of the mechanisms and manifestations of consciousness. Illustrative examples highlighting only key priorities in the sole specified area of near-death experiences include the following:

 a. Global Prospective Basic NDE Studies at multiple medical centers spanning six continents implemented simultaneously replicating the 1979 Peoria study design or some contemporary version thereof. It would involve prominent physicians at prestigious medical centers around the world using a standardized protocol and the exact same instruments of data collection and observing the exact same study parameters.

 b. Clinically Controlled Cardiac Arrest, Induced Cardiac Arrest & Standstill Surgery Studies

 c. Retrospective/Historical/Cross-Cultural Ethnographic Studies

 d. Community Survey – Retrospective Epidemiological Study to probe true NDE incidence rate and longevity of after-effects among the general population

 e. Nearing Death Awareness, Deathbed Observations & Shared Death Studies

 f. Cross-Cultural Longitudinal Studies of Transformative After-Effects

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