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Eternea's Non-Profit Corporate Status

Eternea, Inc. is a 501.c.3 and a 509.a.1 publicly-supported, tax-exempt non-profit charitable organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Federal tax identification number is 65-0547499.

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Eternea focuses on a "soft sciences" approach in its study of spiritually transformative experiences and survival of consciousness beyond bodily death, as well as the relationship between consciousness and physical reality

Eternea is focused on a basic challenge, which is to better understand and explain the ultimate nature of reality within the framework of both conventional and frontier science. It utilizes various avenues of approach in the quest to find new insights and answers, but these respective approaches ultimately lead to the same destination, which is greater comprehension of consciounsess, information, energy and matter, culminating in an enhanced grasp of the nature of reality, a greater appreciation of consciousness and its role in the construction and manipulation of matter.

The overarching purpose of Eternea's work is to foster an optimal sustaintable future for earth and all its inhabitants. It is an effort to improve the human condition, advance human civilization and increase the quality of life for all things by changing perceptions of reality, hence values, attitudes and behavior, predicated on the scientific study of spiritually transformative experiences and non-local consciousness, coupled with the timeless wisdom and core pillar teachings of the world's major religions and greatest spiritual teachers.

See Dr. Edgar Mitchell's timeless paper on the Hypothesis of Interconnectedness for more information.