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Membership Opportunities

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Eternea offers three opportunities for membership:

      (1) Friends of Eternea;
      (2) Frontier Science Forum;
      (3) Blue Butterfly Society.

Friends of Eternea

Friends of Eternea is open for membership to the general public on a worldwide basis

Annual membership levels include:

  $50 - $149 Supporter
  $150 - $599 Advocate
  $600 - $1,199 Angel
  $1,200 and higher Archangel

Member benefits vary by category. You will receive details on benefits and other Eternea activities by email. Benefits include:

  •  Access to the “Members Area" of the web site
  •  Opportunity to recommend research priorities and interests to Eternea
  •  Invitation to special events or lectures
  •  Opportunity to form and participate in local Community Chapters
  •  Regular publications and news updates
  •  Exchange ideas and information on Message Boards

Members elect a President of Friends of Eternea who serves on Eternea’s Executive Council.

      Click here to join Friends of Eternea

Frontier Science Forum

The Frontier Science Forum is an international scientific consortium comprised of scientists, scholars, theoreticians, academicians, authors, science writers, and journalists.

Annual membership levels include:

  $150 - $ 599 Forum Bronze Member
  $600 - $1,199 Forum Silver Member
  $1,200 and higher Forum Gold Member

 Member benefits include:

  •  Access to the “Members Area" of the web site
  •  Eternea’s quarterly scientific journal and news updates
  •  Call for recommendations on Eternea’s research priorities and funding guidelines
  •  Invitation to participate in peer review for research and education initiatives
  •  Invitation to participate in symposia or special events
  •  Exchange ideas and information on Message Boards and blogs

Members elect a President of the Frontier Science Forum who serves on Eternea’s Executive Council.

     Click here to join the Eternea Frontier Science Forum

Blue Butterfly Society and Board of Governors

The Blue Butterfly Society is named in honor of the “blue butterfly” featured in the account of Dr. Eben Alexander’s near-death experience, described in his best-selling book, Proof of Heaven. The butterfly imagery is frequently described in dreams and other spiritual experiences by many around the world as a symbol of transformation and liberation.

Eternea’s Eternea’s Blue Butterfly Society is comprised of high net worth individuals, major philanthropists and benefactors, celebrities, top athletes, as well as prominent corporate and political leaders from around the world who are interested in supporting and promoting Eternea's goals to the general public.  General members of the Society are also known as “Butterflies”.

Top benefactors are eligible to serve as Governors on the Society’s International Board of Governors and are known as “Governors”.  Governors are eligible to hold officer positions in affiliated Community Guilds at the local level. The International Board of Governors oversees and provides leadership to the Society as a whole. It also has direct input concerning organizational policies and priorities through voting representation on Eternea’s Executive Council.   

The Society is primarily focused on growing Eternea’s inviolable Frontier Science Endowment Fund through periodic goal-oriented capital campaigns and major fund-raising events such black tie galas, high-end auctions, golf tournaments lecture series, , private dinner parties, salons,  and the like. Annual interest proceeds from the Frontier Science Endowment Fund are used to support research, education and practical outreach initiatives sponsored by Eternea consistent with its mission and vision.

The Society sponsors formation of Community Guilds at the local level. Guilds engage in Love in Action initiatives, local fund-raising events, membership recruitment efforts and various kinds of educational endeavors.

     Click here to join Eternea's Blue Butterfly Society