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Business Strategy

Eternea’s long range goal is to establish a large inviolable endowment to fund its operations and carry out its mission. The interest proceeds from this endowment will constitute Eternea’s annual operating and programmatic budget. It aspires to procure funding and other resources in support of its mission and vision through adoption of the following strategies:

  1. Create and maintain an international network of dues-paying members representing all countries and all continents, known as “Eterneans”, who will form affiliated chapters at the community or neighborhood level which will bring to fruition the adage of thinking globally while acting locally;

  2. Global solicitation of major gifts, planned gifts and bequests, as well as contributions and donations;

  3. Enlist the support of authors and other prominent personalities who concur with the mission and vision of Eternea, who will be asked to pledge a percentage of their annual income to financially enable its efforts, especially income derived from subject-related book royalties, films, speaking engagements, endorsements, and the like.

  4. Engage in merchandising, special events and grant procurement from a variety of sources.