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Welcome to the Eternea STE data base search capability

Search Eternea’s STE Data Base

Access to the STE database is available to all registered Eternea members.

As a member, you can search our STE data base to view STEs experienced by others by STE type. To insure privacy, all retrievals from the data base maintain anonymity of the members who provided the information and are identified only by case number.

Catagories of STEs available include:

  • ADCs - After-Death Communications

  • DEEs - Divine Entities Encounters

  • MEs - Mystical Experiences

  • NDAs - Nearing-Death Awareness Experiences

  • NDEs - Near-Death Experiences

  • OBEs - Out of Body Experiences

  • PLRs - Past Life Recall Experiences

  • SDEs - Shared-Death Experiences

What you need to do to access the STE dataBase

1. Register with Eternea if you have not already done so (if you are aleady registered, skip to step 3); you can register by going to our Welcome page and following the instructions listed on that page.

2. After registering, you will receive an automatically generated email message (from "webmaster@eternea.org" )asking you to validate your email address by clicking on a link embedded in the validation email. This message should be in your mailbox within a few minutes of registering.

3. Once you have successfully registered (including validating your email address), the next step is to login to the "members" area by clicking on the selection "Search STE database" that appears in the navigation button on the left side of any Eternea web page.

4. After you logon, the next screen you see will contain a list of all the types of STEs available for viewing. Simply click on the type of STE you are interested in viewing then click on a specific case number in the list that is displayed to view to view that STE.


Please remember that all cases you can view have been validated (e.g. screened and / or modified as necessary) to protect the confidentiality of the person reporting the STE.

Reporting your own STE

If you would like to report your own STE please click on this link for detailed instructions.

Enjoy the STE database!