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Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE)


A spiritually transformative experience, or STE, is a transcendent experience inexplicable by materialist science that is associated with characteristic changes in knowledge, behavior, and personality.

A spiritually transformative experience usually happens when a profound event occurs that causes a fundamental shift in world-view. The result is a greatly expanded view of the harmony in nature and recognition of an interconnectedness of all things. The result is a dramatic shift in beliefs, values, priorities and a new appreciation of the purpose of life. There are many ways such an experience can be triggered with the most common ones described below.

During an STE, experiences involve being out of one’s body and/or an immersion into a vastly expansive vivid and lucid reality. The aftermath of an STE often results in dramatic permanent and positive transformations in personality. STEs often create difficult challenges for the experiencer until the experience can be completely integrated into one’s life.

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  1. After-Death Communications (ADC)
  2. Divine Entities Encounters (DEE)
  3. Mystical Experiences(ME)
  4. Nearing-Death Awareness Experiences (NDA)
  5. Near-Death Experiences (NDE)
  6. Orb Encounters (OE)
  7. Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE) / Remote Viewing (RV)
  8. Past Life Recall (PLR)
  9. Shared-Death Experiences (SDE)
  10. STE Alternative Explanations (SAE)
  11. STE Induction Techniques (SIT)
  12. STE Transformative Effects (STE)
  13. Bios-STE Council/Contributors (Bio)

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