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The Seven Cornerstone Statements

These statements are predicated on contemporary research findings from frontier science in its investigatation of spiritually transformative experiences and non-local manifestations of consciousness, as well as the timeless wisdom from the core pillar teachings of the world's greatest spiritual teachers and major religions.

Indicators of Eternea's Success

Eternea's ongoing research efforts are intended to test, challenge and potentially reinforce the validity of these seven cornerstone statements. To the extent Eternea succeeds in establishing the veracity of these statements through the research efforts of frontier science, Eternea will be further empowered to inspire people all over the world to accept them as personal truths or convictions, which in turn would then lead to major changes in individual perceptions of reality, hence values, attitudes and behavior. The degree to which Eternea succeeds in its efforts to educate humanity about these statements and accept them as true should result in a direct decrease in the following:

  • War and violence
  • Hunger and malnutrition
  • Poverty and despair
  • Illiteracy and ignorance
  • Environmental degradation
  • Gender and racial inequality
  • Human and animal abuse
  • Religious conflict and divisiveness
  • Political oppression
  • Greed and exploitation of others
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Suicide & clinical depression