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May - June Newsletter 2013
Editors note:

We are pleased to share this issue of the newsletter and apologize for its delay. Eternea operates primarily through volunteers, and we thank you for your patience. If you have recently indicated a willingness to volunteer your talents, we will contact you soon so you can get involved and help us grow. Thank you for your interest and participation!


Dr. Moody Photo  Dr. Raymond Moody  has joined the Eternea Board of Directors. He has been elected to serve as Chairman in 2013-2014. Welcome Dr. Moody!




Love In Action Logo Over the past few months, Eternea's Love in Action forum discussions have expanded, and great ideas are being exchanged (click here to access the Eternea forums) . The forum's purpose is to create a virtual LIA community - people sharing their stories of Love in Action. We hope these will inspire you to look for examples and places where Love In Action is occurring and to raise the frequency of love in your lives and take action where you live.



Here are a couple of stories that have been recently posted:

From a veterinarian in Georgia:
At my clinic we have a policy of taking in injured strays and caring for them whether someone claims them or not. We only ask that the person(s) who found them try to donate a small bit to help defray costs. After the pets are well, we keep them and try to find a good loving home for them. Sometimes they live with us and never leave. That's fine also. I would love to contact other veterinarians who have similar programs.

If you are aware of similar programs, please do visit the forum discussion and post your examples.

From James in Arizona:
I don't know if you're aware of it, but kids are already creating their own movements...below is an overview of kids, from as young as age 6, who are forming organizations to change the world - [on issues] from child slavery to tornadoes! And the cool thing is that it draws in their parents and other adults to help, who might not otherwise have been involved. More...

With Love From Eben

The Soul's Journey: Proof of Consciousness...and Love

This month I am pleased to share with you an article recently published in Venture Inward magazine. Thanks to the A.R.E. for allowing us to share this with our members. (download here)

After reading, I invite you to log onto our discussion forums (it's free to join) and tell us -- what do you ponder?

And, I would love to connect with you at one of my public appearances. Here is Eternea's Events Calendar


Have you visited Eternea's Resource Center (aka website www.eternea.org ) recently? We have a new look and will continue to upgrade the site to make it easy for you to find resources, information and inspiration. We also have a unique platform for describing your personal STE and for reading anonymously the STEs that others have experienced.

One of our newest features is a “translate” bar at the top/center which converts text into one of 65 different languages. The new home page is very interactive – check it out!

You can also download our new brochure! our new brochure

MEMBER FORUM: What do you ponder?

Editor’s note: If you have been pondering an idea or have observed an interesting phenomenon, you are invited to submit a short article (200 words or less) for consideration in future newsletters. Submit to: info@eternea.org with subject line: Newsletter Forum.  Thank you!

Animals and Consciousness

Have you ever considered what goes through the mind of a cat?  On the very same morning my husband passed away three years ago, his beloved Tweeter disappeared.  Tweeter is a feral cat he met hanging out by our garage door, and the two of them became best friends. The thought of never seeing her again made my grieving for my husband even harder because she was a part of him. When she returned three weeks later, she became very close to me – something she was not while he was alive.

Two years later when I moved to a nearby neighborhood, Tweeter disappeared again. My feeling was that she could not bear the thought of being away from our first house because of memories of a happier time. I was hoping she would come back like she did the first time, but weeks and months went by. I began talking to my husband in my thoughts and asked him to help her find her way back.  Then one day, seven months later, she appeared in back of the house, skinny as a rail, and has not left since. Did she hear my petition, or did he guide her back to the new house? I wonder…
--Martha, Boca Raton FL

More Picks from our Staff & Volunteers!

Here are a few selections you might enjoy. Also, for those who have been asking, the Sacred Acoustics sound meditations are now available in CD format in the Eternea Store .

Theory of Reality: Evidence for Existence Beyond the Brain and Tools for Your Journey
This new book by David Wiebers, MD is an exciting contribution to the field of consciousness studies. His theory is that consciousness is the fundamental fabric of our universe and deeper selves. He presents information on how to apply that reality to empower our lives and find answers based on increased coherence, neurological function and psychological health.

The Letter Writer - DVD
This is a heart-warming story about how one man's letter writing campaign of positive messages impacts a troubled teenager's life, providing the impetus she needs to turn her life around. The message is that we can all use our particular talents to create more love in the world. This was the December 2012 selection for the Spiritual Cinema Circle.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives
This classic by Michael Newton, PhD has been recommended to us by many Eternea members. It details the fascinating accounts of those who have visited their own life between lives during hypnosis and describe strikingly similar journeys…mostly important learning their soul’s mission in this lifetime.

Note: If you would like to write a SHORT review to recommend a book to the community, please send to info@eternea.org, with the subject line "Book Review". Thanks!


Dr. Eben Alexander announced recently that Universal Pictures plans to make the movie of his story. The film will be produced by Mary Parent and Cale Boyter. No word yet on who will play the lead or when it will appear in theaters. As they say, stay tuned!

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  • Proof of Heaven has been on the NY Times Best-seller list for 31 weeks!
  • Proof of Heaven is being published in 32 countries.

Quote of the Month:

          "There are only two ways to live your life
          One is as though nothing is a miracle
          The other is as though everything is a miracle"

                    - Albert Einstein 

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