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Events Calendar

Date City State Title Speaker(s) Desc
1/1/2018 ONLINE 33-Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness (Online-Free) Self-guided online course on consciousness topics More Info
1/1/2020 ONLINE 3 Keys to Mediumship - FREE 1-Hr Program Suzanne Giesemann More Info
1/1/2020 ONLINE The Next Level of Sacred Mediumship, FREE 1-hour Program Suzanne Giesemann previews a new 15-week workshop beginning Jan 15 More Info
8/1/2020 ONLINE The Near-Death Experience –– Where Spirituality & Science Meet: Ease Your Fear of Death, Open to Love & Live Life Fully Eben Alexander & Karen Newell FREE Reply of Video Event More Info
8/17/2020 ONLINE Explore the NDE through Science, Spirituality and Sound - 7-weeks, Aug 17-Sept 21 Eben Alexander & Karen Newell 7-week course More Info
8/22/2020 ONLINE The Coronavirus as a Calling Gregg Levoy presents 3-hr workshop More Info
8/22/2020 ONLINE Sun Valley Wellness Festival Eben Alexander, Nora McInerny, Zach Bush and many more More Info
9/26/2020 ONLINE Awakening to Your Life Purpose-Discovering Your Life Plan Rob Schwartz Workshop More Info
10/17/2020 ONLINE Embodying Sacred Connections - Workshop sponsored by Infinity Foundation Eben Alexander & Karen Newell all-day workshop More Info
10/26/2020 ONLINE Beyond the Veil Summit: Near Death Experiences, Mediumship & the Science of the Afterlife Great lineup of speakers - Save the Date Oct 26-30
12/11/2020 London UK Consciousness and Human Evolution Conference Anita Moorjani, Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart, Rupert Sheldrake and many more More Info