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Events Calendar

Date City State Title Speaker(s) Desc
1/1/2022 ONLINE 33-Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness - Free Workshop Self-guided online course on consciousness topics More Info
1/1/2022 ONLINE 3 Keys to Mediumship - Free Event Suzanne Giesemann More Info
1/1/2022 ONLINE Sound Healing Through Humming & Tuning Forks with Jonathan Goldman-Free Event Jonathan Goldman More Info
1/1/2022 ONLINE The Transformative Power of NDEs with Anita Moorjani - Free Event Anita Moorjani More Info
1/1/2022 ONLINE Human By Design-The New Human Story with Gregg Braden - Free Event Gregg Braden More Info
1/1/2022 ONLINE Psychology of the Future with Stan Grof - Free Event Stanislav Grof More Info
1/1/2022 ONLINE Discover the Electric Body: Tuning your Biofield Eileen McKusick More Info
1/1/2022 ONLINE The Rosetta Stone of the Human Psyche Richard Tarnas PhD and Stanislav Grof MD More Info
1/22/2022 ONLINE Awakening to Your Life Purpose Rob Schwartz Workshop More Info
1/27/2022 Vail & ONLINE Shared Crossing: A Gift of Peace, Meaning and Joy in Death William Peters and Jeff O'Driscoll at the Vail Symposium More Info
2/11/2022 ONLINE IANDS Spring Symposium: Mind-Brain Relationship Eben Alexander, Bernardo Kastrup, Marjorie Woollacott, Bruce Greyson, Jim Tucker and more More Info
2/23/2022 ONLINE The Art of Living and Dying Conference at Menla/Tibet House Many speakers More Info
3/19/2022 ONLINE Le deuil et les dimensions invisibles de la conscience - Grief and the invisible dimensions of Consciousness Eben Alexander and many other speakers More Info
4/5/2022 Vail & ONLINE Beyond Belief: Considering the Evidence for Life after Life Eben Alexander and Jeffrey Mishlove in conversation at Vail Symposium More Info
6/10/2022 Sun Valley ID Sun Valley Wellness Festival 25th Annual Wellness Festival More Info