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Loving Each Other (LEO) Global Campaign - Part 2

What is meant by the phrase "Organizing Principle of the Universe"?

            The term “organizing principle” refers to the central reason or purpose anything is brought into being or into a state of existence. It is the prime directive or imperative which is intrinsically or innately imbued, incorporated, instilled or “programmed” into anything by its designer, or which may spontaneously arise in anything by virtue of the inherent nature of the thing itself, including the whole of the universe. 

What is meant by the term "Unconditional Love"?

            The term “unconditional love” is comprised of two words to be defined first separately and then as used together.

            The term unconditional means to exist or to be or to come into being without any condition whatsoever. It is defined as a state or situation or circumstance or relationship in which one thing is not dependent on any other thing for its being or existence.

            For instance, human life is conditional on oxygen. Take away oxygen long enough and human life cannot be sustained. Plant life is conditional on sunshine. Take away sunshine long enough and plant life cannot be sustained. However, oxygen is given to all human beings unconditionally in that it is freely available to all human beings on the surface of the earth regardless of any other factor, variable or condition.

            Oxygen is not given only to highly evolved human beings who do no harm to others. Rather, it is freely given to all human beings regardless of their nature. Likewise, sunshine is given to all plants unconditionally, not just those that are fruit-bearing or edible for example. In a circumstance where unconditionality exists, there is no reciprocity requirement. There is no quid pro quo. One thing is not dependent on another. Rather, a thing is freely given to its recipients and may exist or be as a matter of natural fact without connection to any other term or condition or dependency on something else.

            The term love is multi-faceted in that there are many kinds of love defined by the ancient Greeks as agape (brotherly love) and eros (sexual love). Use of the term love for the purposes of this discussion refers to universal love, meaning the love which all things in the universe are intended by directive and design to ultimately express toward one another, which by mandate of nature, is inherently without condition or obligation or duty. It is complete, whole and total. It is a love like none other. It has no parallel or precedent. It is a love that only gives and asks nothing in return. It is the overarching love which makes all creation possible. Without its presence, existence would not be supported anywhere in the universe. It is the underpinning of all life. It does no harm, but serves only purposes that are good, creative and constructive. It is fuel for the engine that drives evolutionary processes inherent throughout the whole of the universe.

            The chief by-product of unconditional love is perfect resonance. The by-products of perfect resonance are harmony, alignment, at-one-ment and super-alignment, attunement, cooperation, collaboration and concordance. Its expressions are found in the curious relationship between positive and negative polarities, or in the curious dance between darkness and light. It is the medium in which electromagnetism is engendered. It is the basis for the relationship between intention and thought and the behavior of quantum particles.

            Unconditional love is the love our universe expresses toward all creation. Our universe is an infinitely abundant universe. It does not know scarcity by any measure. It does not know boundaries, at least not as we comprehend them. Rather, it is infinitely expansive and boundless. It is the proverbial gift that keeps on giving to creation no matter what it receives back from creation. For example, no matter what we humans do, good or bad, constructive or destructive, loving or unloving, the universe continues to provide abundantly for our needs in support of our continued existence.

            On a practical earthly level, there are many manifestations of universal unconditional love. For instance, does our sun choose who or what will receive its light? Does it assess charges, fees or taxes by the photon? Does it require anything from us in return for giving its light?

            Does the air we humans breathe choose who or what is allowed to breathe it? Does it impose charges, fees or taxes by the inhalation or exhalation, or by each molecule of oxygen consumed? Does it require anything from us in return? 

            Does the rain selectively choose on whom it will fall, or where it will land? Does it assess charges, fees or taxes by the drop or the inch? Does it require anything from us in return?

            Does the earth choose who or what will be allowed to dwell upon its surface? Does it rent the space it provides to us by the hour, day, week, month or year? Does it ask anything in return from us for what it gives us, including the food and water it engenders for our nourishment and survival?

            And, what about the physical body which is given to each of us? Are we assessed charges for its use by the pound or the inches in height? Does it require anything from us in return?

            The poet Kahlil Gibran expressed the same sentiment rather poetically: “He who receives his days and night from God is worthy of all else from you.”

            Eternea, through LEO, is dedicated to the promotion of unconditional love throughout the world. As a species, we can evolve into a collective state of grace by learning to love each other unconditionally. This is what we have learned from the study of STEs and the physics of consciousness. It is a remedy for all that ails humanity, as close to a panacea for all our problems as one will ever find.

            If humanity could ever fully embrace, understand and accept the truth as articulated in this discussion, what kind of world would then come into being? One can not only imagine, but can also work to create it. After all, the future is ours to see, and the best way to predict the future is to create it, collectively. Eternea, through the LEO Global Campaign, is committed to doing its part in this process, for to do anything less could retard humanity’s evolved and quite possibly result in potential extinction of our species. We can do better. We should do better. We will do better. Join Eternea today and become part of LEO. Click here for more information.

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