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After-Death Communication (ADC) Experiences

Personal Accounts - Hearing a Voice: Auditory ADCs

Alfred is a retired farmer and factory worker in Nova Scotia, Canada. He became a bereaved father when his 11-year-old son, Trevor, died of cancer:

Trevor died at 4:00 in the morning. As my wife and I were starting to leave the hospital and come home, the sun was coming up on the horizon. My sister was with us in the car and she said, “I have never seen such a beautiful sunrise in my life.”

Just as I looked up at the sun, I could hear Trevor’s voice saying, “It’s all right, Dad.” It was his voice, just as clear as could be. It came to my ears, just as though he was sitting in the back seat.

Instantly, I had this peaceful feeling I had never had before, which lasted probably ten or fifteen seconds. I then knew Trevor was with God, and this must be the peace he was feeling.


Lois, a homemaker in Nebraska, was fortunate to hear from her husband, Ray, after he died unexpectedly of a stroke at age 33:

On the morning after Ray died, I heard his voice say, “I forgot to bank that money! It’s in my coat pocket. You better get it and put it in your purse now.” It sounded like he was standing behind my right shoulder.

I went and looked in his coat pocket, and there was the money! It was three hundred and some dollars cash! That came in very handy right then.

We had sold my station wagon the afternoon before he died. Ray had put the money in his pocket and was going to deposit it. But I didn’t know he hadn’t gone to the bank yet.