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After-Death Communication (ADC) Experiences

Personal Accounts - Partial Appearances: Visual ADCs 1

Wayne is a technical writer in Florida. His father was 66 years old and had pneumonia:

I was working in Florida when my father became extremely ill. He was living in Chicago. I was called at work and told that he could very easily pass away, so I took time off and started driving to Illinois.

I was driving along somewhere in Tennessee, and it had just turned dark, past the point of dusk. All of a sudden, a pinpoint of light exploded into this great circle of light – right there in front of me!

As this light opened up, I saw my father’s face and a little bit of his shoulders, and there was a brightness behind him. His face was natural and three-dimensional.

The thing that impressed me was the smile that he had. My father wasn’t gentle in his ways, yet this smile was the sweetest I had ever seen on him. Instantly, I knew that my father had died. I also knew that he was extremely happy.

It all happened so quickly – the light came on, then it collapsed, and it was gone. This was my father’s way of saying good-bye. I just knew it.


Billie, who works at a service station in Florida, observed a sweet moment after her mother died of cancer at age 52:

After we went to the funeral parlor, we came back to my mother’s house. I laid my five-week-old daughter, Kelly, on the recliner in the living room, and I lay on the couch.

I was just fixing to put my head down when I saw a glow come through the front door. It took form and became my mother!

She was walking about six inches above the floor. I could barely see through her – she wasn’t quite solid. She radiated pure white light and was dressed in a long, flowing white gown. I’d never seen my mother look so beautiful!

She walked over to Kelly and looked down at her. Mom was grinning from ear to ear. She reached out and stroked Kelly under her chin, saying, “You’re so cute.” She said it twice, and I heard her through my ears.

Then Mom looked over at me and smiled and slowly disappeared. She was gone before I could say anything. I think she came to see her granddaughter because Mom was too ill with cancer to see her before she died.