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After-Death Communication (ADC) Experiences

Personal Accounts - A Glimpse beyond: ADC Visions

Allen is a massage therapist in Washington. He saw this vivid external vision of his mother, who died of lung cancer at age 53, and his paternal grandfather, who had died of a heart attack at age 76:

About 3:00 in the morning the hospital called to say my mom had passed away. I walked over to our living room window and looked towards the mountains. At that point, a hole opened up, and I saw into another dimension.

I saw my mother with my grandfather who, had passed away some ten years before. It was like I was on one side of the glass and they were on the other. They were very solid and very real.

My grandfather looked young and healthy, rejuvenated and full of strength. He just smiled and stepped aside. My mom was wearing her white temple dress that she was married in. She was vibrant, healthy, and full of life. She told me she was fine and didn’t hurt anymore – that she felt wonderful. I told her that I loved her.

I started to cry and turned my head. And when I looked back, they were gone. I really kicked myself for turning away because when I did, the window to that dimension closed.


Toni is employed by an economic development association in Florida. Her father died of heart disease at age 70:

Driving home from my mother’s house, my father came before me in a vision three weeks after he passed on. It was something I was seeing inside my head.

At first he appeared the same age as when he died. Then he brightened up considerably and had a big grin on his face. As he began smiling, he took on a very youthful appearance. He was very healthy and very happy, glowing with peace. His whole communication seemed to be “I’m all right. This is the way you should remember me.”

Then I saw all my relatives that had passed over come around him, as though they were meeting him. They looked as they did when they were still alive. They were very healthy, very happy, and very loving.

This experience gave me peace and made it easier to accept my father’s death.